Homes and businesses in need of outstanding woodwork painting turn to the professionals at Ticos Painting LLC. Our highly-qualified, dependable team of painting contractors are committed to the highest standards of residential and commercial painting excellence. Using top-quality paints available in many colors and styles, we leave no detail overlooked. We have the precision to diligently paint intricate woodwork, trim, and general wood surfaces.

Our woodwork painting will leave your wood features looking as good as new, in a timely and affordable way!

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Commercial and Residential Painting of Woodwork, Done Your Way

With the painting contractors at Ticos Painting LLC, it has never been easier, faster, or more affordable to beautify your woodwork with painting. Regardless of the colors or finishes, you are trying to achieve; we have the resources and experience to make it happen!

We are proud to offer our clients a tremendous selection of modern, top-quality paints available in a huge variety of colors and textures. Because we work with some of the region's leading suppliers of fine exterior and interior paint products, we can offer unbeatable cost savings on our full inventory of paints.

Whether you have a small surface or an expansive wall of woodwork, we have the services you need!

Exceptional Wood Painting and Trim Painting Services

Woodwork can take many forms within a residential or commercial space. Both structural and decorative elements can consist of woodwork, from exterior trim and railing to cabinets and paneling. Many home- or business-owners choose to enhance and customize their woodwork with staining or painting services.

Our impressive precision and attention to detail ensure that no aspect of your woodwork will be overlooked. We are expertly familiar with the correct products and methods for each type of wood. To apply our paints, we use only the latest equipment and materials, including highly efficient and effective brushes. Our products are also specialized for use on wood surfaces. We apply as many coats as necessary to ensure a full, even finish and outstanding results.

In no time, your painted woodwork will be complete and ready for years of dependable use.

Woodwork Painting Contractors with Years of Dependable Experience

Woodwork is often a historic and precious home feature, which is why we make every effort to work with the utmost care and patience with woodwork.

Our painting professionals have been serving home- and business-owners in the area for years. We have developed a reputation for the quality of our services, prompt availabilities, and competitive rates. As painters with decades of experience, we can recommend the ideal colors and styles to suit your woodwork.

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Wood Paint You Can Depend On

For the highest quality wood painting for your home or business, the company to call is Ticos Painting LLC. We have the experience and materials your project needs!

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